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Notice COVID-19

Your health and safety is our priority. Whether you choose to have a surgery done or not, that is completely up to you. We understand that traveling might be difficult but it is not impossible.

As for beauty treatments, due to safety restrictions in Belgium, we have no choice but to cancel certain treatments at our clinic until March 1st.  

What has been cancelled?

These cancellations are free of charge. Refunds will follow as soon as possible.

What goes on as planned?

For private clinics, different rules apply in comparison to public clinics. These appointments are allowed due to their medical nature.

Safety instructions when visiting

We ask you to read our safety instructions when visiting our clinic. You can download the safety instruction by clicking here.

In case of quarantine

Even if quarantine is recommended or obligatory, whether it is in Belgium or in your home country, you will probably need a couple of weeks to recover after surgery before you can go back to work or resume your activities. Resting is key.

Cancelling or postponing

If you still wish to cancel or postpone your surgery, please keep in mind that this has an impact on booking fees and the booking schedule up until May 2021. Please check our fee policy before making a decision.